About us

California Workforce

Academy Inc., (CWA)

Is focused on training, education, and economic development. CWA is the convergence of the higher education and workforce development experiences of its principals, who have worked both domestically and internationally. CWA can assist you achieve your goals. 

We ensure your success by utilizing assessment models, specialized curriculum, gap analysis, planning, and prioritization. Our expertise also includes working with employers and establishing the requisites for assignment success. .

What we do?

“Positively Change Peoples’ Lives through Education, Job Training, Economic Development, and Sustainable Development”

Training And Workforce Development

Workforce Skills:

We offer customized, flexible training, curricula, and related support services in response to regional and industry workforce training needs. Classes are designed to bridge skills gaps and prepare the workforce for careers of various skill levels. Courses are developed utilizing the DACUM method of occupation task analysis to identify all the skills needed to succeed in the identified industry sector.


Our courses are designed to address the communication, social, leadership, and inter-personal skills needed in the workplace.

Career Services:

CWA offers our students a range of support services, such as career aptitude assessment, career awareness, job skill preparation, resume and interview assistance, work experience, and job placement support.

Economic Development

International Trade

  • Sustainable Mining
  • Business Develop – Mining
  • Workforce Training
  • Solar PV Monitoring

International Consulting

  • Transportation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Renewable Energy
  • Green Building      

International Training

  • Train the Trainers Solar PV
  • Solar PV Installer
  • Solar PV Diplomado
  • Occupational Task Analysis
  • Tailored Curriculum Development

Business Development

  • Business assessment
  • Business plan
  • Gap Analysis
  • Market Assessment & Analysis
  • Regional Economic Assessment